Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gary Paulsen Excerpt

1. How does Paulsen’s text address the theme of adversity?

2. What evidence from the text can you use to support your answer?

3. What is the text about? What is the message of the text?

4. Which of our six literary elements (setting, point of view, characterization, imagery, symbolism, and conflict) can you find in Gary Paulsen's story? Use our graphic organizer (available in class) to help you identify them.

Writing Prompt #12: How has a character from your text encountered and faced adversity?

Writing Prompt #12: How has a character from your text encountered and faced adversity?

Answer the prompt based on the book you are reading for homework.

Otherwise, answer the prompt from a personal perspective.

How has a character from your text encountered and faced adversity?

How did the character handle the situation?

Tupac Shakur's "The Rose That Grew From Concrete"

Write a paragraph responding to the following questions:

1. What is the poem about? What is the message of the poem?

2. How does the poem address the theme of adversity?

3. What evidence from the poem can you use to support your answer for
question 2?

4. What literary elements can you find in "The Rose That Grew From Concrete"?

Writing Prompt # 11: What is Adversity?

Synonyms for Adversity: challenge, obstacle, things that get in your way, hardship, challenge

React to these pictures. How do they express the theme of overcoming adversity?

What is the adversity? What do the arrows mean?
What does this picture say about adversity?
How does this picture express dealing with Adversity?

What does this picture say about one way to deal with Adversity?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Theme of the Week: Adversity, and Six Literary Elements

Writing Prompt #10:
“Look at every obstacle as an opportunity.”
--Dr. Wayne Dyer
1. Read the quote provided.
2. In a well developed paragraph answer the following:
3. Rewrite the quote mentioning the author’s name.
Ex: According to author Dr. Wayne Dyer, “Life is…”
Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “Life is…”
4. Explain the meaning of the quote in your own words.
5. State if you believe the quote is true or not and explain your answer.
6. Relate the quote to something you have read, watched or experienced.

We discussed six literary elements to master when reading. You can get the handout here, or under "Handouts" on the right side of this blog.

This week we will be examining the controlling idea of ADVERSITY in the works of literature that we read. Adversity is a main idea or controlling idea that we will be discussing throughout the week.

In addition, today we are launching a few key literary terms or literary elements we will keep coming back to over the coming week and term.
The terms are:
1. Setting
2. Point of view
3. Characterization
4. Imagery
5. Symbolism
6. Conflict

Conflict has five main types:
Individual vs SELF
Individual vs INDIVIDUAL
Individual vs SOCIETY
Individual vs TECHNOLOGY
Individual vs NATURE

There are also two other types:
Individual vs DESTINY

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Holiday Homework

Make sure to do the Holiday Homework for your book. The packet for your book is available here under "Handouts."

Friday, February 17, 2012

Storyboard of Your Book

Download the link to the blank storyboard here. Using Google Image Search, find six historically accurate pictures that illustrate your story.